Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stop Motion Experimenting.

Here's some stop motion I was experimenting with. I used an old Joker doll I have. I animated using Dragonframe and a cheap web cam. I still need to practice. I might get a good camera later. I tried animating to some audio. Its rough, hope you like it.

Tried some more animation. I shot this on 4s. Trying to get the feel of timing. Its hard, but I'm gonna keep practicing.


  1. Hi,

    I thought your timing and spacing looks pretty good but you could do with some pauses in the dialogue piece. Just think about what's been said and act it out yourself first to feel what the best poses are and how much you're moving. It's always tempting to keep everything on the move when you first start at Stop Motion but it doesn't always help to clarify the performance. I tend to block the whole thing out on 4's and 6's to work out the timing and then refine it in the final shot.
    Hope this is of some help and keep up with it as you'll see your improvements pretty quickly.